Amplify Arts promotes unity, innovation, and progress in the arts to build strong and vibrant communities. Our Grants Program is designed to give artists a platform to experiment, develop new audiences, and create and share work outside the confines of larger institutional systems.

Micro Grants are one-time awards designed to provide support for capacity-building items like supplies, research, travel, equipment/software, marketing or promotional materials, professional development, and basic needs.

A total of $10,000 in will be awarded during the 2021 calendar year in individual amounts of $250 or $500 to help offset expenses associated with maintaining an active creative practice like:

  • Supplies, equipment, or software
  • Research
  • Travel
  • Conferences and symposia
  • Basic needs
  • Marketing/promotional materials
  • Etc.

Applicants should be aware that this is a grant program, and that each application is considered on its merits within the criteria of the program. While we aim to assist as many applicants as we can, submitting an application is not a guarantee of funding.

Amplify staff is actively monitoring the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on the artist community. If needs exceed Amplify's current grant funds, we will work to make more funds available.


  • Any artist, organizer, collaborative duo, or collective maintaining a residence within the Omaha Metro Area including Washington, Douglas, Sarpy, and Saunders counties in Nebraska, and Pottawattamie, Mills, and Harrison counties in Iowa is eligible to apply. Applicants must be at least 18 years-old. An undergraduate or graduate degree is not required to apply for this grant.
  • Micro Grants open to artists and organizers of all disciplines regardless of race, national origin, religious background, differing abilities, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or economic status.
  • Applicants who have received past support from Amplify in the form of a Micro Grant, Artist Support Grant, or Public Impact Grant must wait one year after their grant term has ended to reapply. This does not include those who have participated in Alternate Currents, Amplify’s Culture Work Fellowship or other Amplify Arts programs.
  • Applications submitted by, or in partnership with, other 501(c)3 non-profit organizations or fiscal sponsors will not be considered.

For collaborative groups:

  • Artist collectives, collaborative groups, and duos, are eligible if:
  • At least one member of the group meets the eligibility requirements outlined above.
  • The primary creative output of each member of the group is generated within the group, not as an individual.
  • Members of the group are committed to working on a deeply collaborative level to advance the goals of the group, rather than those of the individuals within the group.
  • The group is not incorporated into a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Collaborative groups should submit a group resume and discuss the nature and duration of the collaboration in the artist statement.


Applications are reviewed by an external panel consisting of three community leaders, culture workers,  former grant recipients, and/or program participants. Panelists review all eligible applications online through Submittable and then meet online via Zoom to discuss applications and recommend recipients. Panelists are asked to review all submissions through a lens of racial equity and discipline diversity.

Selection panelists are chosen by Amplify Arts staff. We intentionally seek panelists from diverse backgrounds, working in a range of disciplines, at various stages in their careers. The panel selects Micro Grant recipients based on the following criteria:

  • Need Statement clearly demonstrates the impact grant funds will have on the applicant’s creative practice.
  • Artist Statement clearly articulates the concepts, themes, influences, and contexts of the applicant’s creative practice.
  • Work Sample clearly supports and enhances an understanding of the artist statement.


Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, and reviewed by a panel of jurors quarterly (i.e. end of March, June, September, and December). If you meet the eligibility criteria (outlined above) you may apply at any time throughout the year, there are no deadlines or application periods.

The next quarterly review will take place after September 26, 2021 and applicants will be notified soon after.

Before you apply:

  • Ask a friend to look over your application and be open to feedback.
  • Make sure your Need Statement details any pricing, estimates, or quotes you've received, in addition to any associated costs you've already incurred, to support your request.
  • Revise your Artist Statement. Think through how you’ll describe major themes that recur in your work, your influences, how materials and/or process inform the content of your work and where you situate your work in a broader social context.
  • Consider the sequencing of your work sample carefully. Start strong, build cohesively, and end memorably. Keep it current and submit images, manuscripts, and/or audio/video clips that are clear, well-lit, and legible. Be sure to double check your file dimensions, file names, and lengths. Also make sure links to reels, clips, or documentation on external sites like Soundcloud, YouTube, or Vimeo, are accessible, active, and not password protected.


We assure you that the use of personal information provided in this application will be limited to the internal purposes of Amplify Arts. 


By clicking the link below, you’ll also find this application form available

Please email peter@amplifyarts.org if you need:

  • A paper application form.
  • A computer or wireless connection.
  • Help navigating Submittable, our application submission software.
  • A quiet space to work on your application.


If your application is funded, you will be asked to fill out a short, narrative evaluation form at the end of the grant term. Amplify does not require formal financial reporting, but we do ask that grant recipients keep accurate financial records for their own personal and professional development. 

Funds Available

There is $10,000 available annually in the Essentials Fund. Please only request what is necessary. Micro Grants are awarded in $250 or $500 dollar amounts.

Application Materials

Need Statement (500 words or less): Please describe your request (marketing, capacity building, professional development, research, etc.). 

  • Be specific and detail any pricing, estimates, or quotes you've received, in addition to any associated costs you've already incurred, to support your request. 
  • How will grant funds from Amplify Arts impact your practice? 
  • What opportunities will you pursue that would otherwise be unattainable? 

Artist Statement (500 words or less): Provide a brief artist statement related to the work sample provided. 

  • Describe major themes that recur in your work. 
  • What ideas or themes do you address in your work and why are they important? 
  • How do materials and/or process inform the content of your work?
  • Where do you situate your work in a broader social context?

Work Sample: Please provide images, manuscripts and/or audio/video clips that accurately document your work. 

  • Work samples can be uploaded directly, or submitted as links to external sites, in audio, video, image, and manuscript formats. 
  • Review the discipline categories in this application and select one that best aligns with your practice. Follow the corresponding guidelines for file types, sizes, and lengths. 
  • You may submit combinations of images, audio, video, and/or manuscript pages. If you are submitting multiple file formats, you may submit no more than 12 files. 
  • If you submit links to reels, clips, or documentation on external sites like Soundcloud, YouTube, or Vimeo, please make sure they are accessible, active, and not password protected. That the combined total running time of audio and video samples should not exceed 3:00 minutes.
  • When labeling your files, please use the following format: Artist’s Lastname_Firstname_01 (e.g. Doe_Jane_01). 

Work Sample Descriptions: Please include: title, materials, dimensions, time, or pages, and the year work was completed. 

  • You may also include a short (1-2 sentence) description of the work that clarifies your role, your collaborators’ roles, and location(s) of the work, etc. 
  • Please make sure to list works in the same order that they appear in your work sample.

CV/Resume: Please upload a professional CV or resume that outlines your education, past projects, exhibition, publication, or performance history and any special appointments or notable awards you have received.

Incomplete Applications

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.