A free service to anyone living in the state of Nebraska with an arts-related legal issue, Amplify Arts' Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts-Nebraska (VLA-NE) program is the bridge between the creative community and lawyers dedicated to providing pro-bono legal assistance. Committed to equipping working artists with the tools they need to build more sustainable careers, the VLA-NE pairs qualifying applicants with a volunteer lawyer to aid in the resolution of their legal issue. the VLA-NE  is also a platform for access to legal resources, publications, and public programs that address arts-related legal issues.

Click here for the FAQ section if you have any additional questions.

Before filling out the intake form, please read the terms & conditions below carefully. 

The Basics:

  1. The purpose of the VLA-NE is not to represent you as your attorney; it is strictly a referral service and informational resource for those in the arts. 
  2. Placement with a professional may take between two to three weeks. We make our best effort to find a volunteer professional for every qualified and eligible applicant but cannot guarantee that one will agree to help you.
  3. Although you will not pay for your volunteer professional's time, you are responsible for any out-of-pocket expenses including filing fees, long-distance phone calls, charges for copying, messengers, etc. that may be required in relation to your case. It is your responsibility to discuss potential expenses with your volunteer professional.

Income Eligibility:

  1. Legal assistance is free to individuals with a gross income of less than $30,150.00 (with an additional allowance of $4180 for each dependent).
  2. If you are not income eligible, but there are extenuating circumstances that you believe should be considered please contact vla@omahacreativeinstitute.org.
  3. If your income increases so that you no longer qualify for free services, you agree to notify OCI immediately.
  4. Any client who misrepresents their financial circumstances will be responsible for the full amount of legal fees incurred and may also be required to reimburse Amplify Arts for related expenses.
  5. If your case involves an agreement that may result in a monetary advance to you (such as a record deal, publishing deal, book deal, etc.) and the amount of the advance puts you over the income limit, you will be held liable for any fees incurred by your volunteer professional.

Lawyer & Client Relationship:

  1. In the event you are paired with a volunteer professional, it is important to note that the volunteer attorney is not your general counsel. They are your lawyer only for the specific matter assigned. If you require assistance with a different legal problem, you must complete a new application for that problem. If you return to your original volunteer lawyer with new questions or legal problems without contacting Amplify Arts, that lawyer is then free to charge you for any help they choose to provide. Please notify vla@omahacreativeinstitute.org if you choose to become a paying client of your volunteer lawyer for any additional matters.
  2. Our volunteer lawyers do not offer litigation services but are willing to negotiate a solution on your behalf. In the event that litigation, arbitration, or a similar proceeding becomes necessary, you will not oppose your volunteer lawyer's decision (or formal motion before a court or other tribunal) to withdraw from representation of you.
  3. Amplify Arts will notify you by e-mail when we locate a volunteer professional who has agreed to provide you with pro bono assistance. We will advise you of their phone number at that time. As this is our primary method of contact, please notify us immediately of any change in your e-mail address or phone number. It is your responsibility to contact your volunteer professional. If you do not contact them within 5 business days, we will assign that professional to another case. If your volunteer professional does not respond within 3 business days from the time of your call to them, please contact vla@omahacreativeinstitute.org immediately.
  4. If, at any point, you no longer need the assistance of your volunteer lawyer, or you have any problem or difficulty with your case or your volunteer, please contact vla@omahacreativeinstitute.org immediately.
  5. In order to receive future assistance with legal problems, you must send a thank you letter or email to your volunteer professional, with a copy sent to Amplify Arts, after the issue is resolved. This helps Amplify Arts track the status of each case and ensures that your issue was successfully resolved. Failure to send a thank you letter will result in you being ineligible to received further assistance from the VLA-NE. 
  6. Please remember that your volunteer professional is generously donating their time. Always be prepared, courteous, and respectful of their schedule. 

Privacy & Confidentiality:

  1. Any information obtained by Amplify Arts in the process of providing you with a referral is treated as confidential unless you direct us otherwise.  We are committed to protecting your privacy and require all persons with access to confidential information to sign a Pledge of Confidentiality. These persons could include volunteers, interns, and/or employees of Amplify Arts.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the confidentiality of your information.
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